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Roller Suspension Concrete Culvert Pipe Making Machine  

There are three ways to produce all kinds of concrete pipes such as Roller Suspended Type which are most popular ,Centrifugal Spinning Type and Vertcial Extusion Type. They have different structures and working principles because of concrete pipes of kinds of purposes.  

Suspension roller type concrete pipe making machine is a kind of perfect machine and equipment to produce reinforced concrete pipes and Pre-stressed concrete pipe. It is capable to make pipes with diameter from 300-2000mm and with length from2-4meters. We can design many kinds of the pipe joint, including flush joint, socket & spigot joint  And all the concrete pipes are widely used in administrative drainage, agricultural field irrigation and road culvert. 


Model Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Motor(KW) size(mm)
300×600 1000 120 7.5 2500*1500*1300
2000 120 15 3500*1500*1300
3000 120 22 4500*1500*1300
800-1200 2000 180 45 4500*2200*1800
2500 240 45 5000*2200*1800
3000 240 55 5500*2200*1800
4000 300 75 6500*2200*1800
800-1500 2000 350 75 4500*2500*2080
2500 350 75 5000*2500*2080
1200-2000 2000 500 90 5000*2800*2080
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