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Complete concrete electric pole production line


1.  We're professional manufacturer of concrete pole machine & matching equipment, supply complete production equipment such as tensioning machine, winding machine, button head machine, straightening machine, boiler, concrete mixer, cranes and other accessories.


2.  Spinning time: 16-20min for one pole  (low speed--medium speed--high speed)


3. Pole machine wheel span: 2m/unit 

4. Curing time or natural drying: 4 hours (durable, anti-crack)


5. We provide installation, commissioning, trainning, and  log life mold maintenance


Product Description

Title: Pre-stressed Electric Concrete Pole Spinning machine and mould


Centrifugal Spinning pole Machine is consist of running wheels, and the bearing seats. equipped with variable frequency motor and automatic control PLC panel.


the wet concrete will be feeding into concrete pole mould, the mould with support wheel will be droved by the running wheel, and rotate at a high speed. the concrete will be distributed in the inner mould under the centrifugal force, the extra water will be discharged out  of the mould , and concrete will become more solid and stronger during the different speed.


Pole Mold Diameter (mm) Spinning wheel pitch(mm) Running wheel diameter (mm) Mold Length (m)
150 2000 600 7-12
170 2000 600 7-12
190 2000 650 7-15
230 2000 650 6-9
300 equal diameter 2000 600 6-9
350 equal diameter 2000 650 6-12
30 2000 650-780 6-15
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